Day five: 2/18



          Hello everyone….


                   Today was Geoffrey’s big day, so I will up date you on his progress for the next few days. 


                   The morning started early with the nurses waking him up at 5:30am.  He received pills that make him sleepy, and they really worked fast.  A gown was brought in for him to wear and he was placed on a rolling bed.  Several monitors were placed on him to keep a check on his vital signs.


                   His family was able to hold his hand and talk to him until 7:00 (even though his I don’t think he understood anything past 6:45 – his eyes were closed and speech slurred if you asked him a question).  Dad and mom were allowed to go upstairs to the surgery holding room to stay until he was rolled into surgery.  As we gave Geoffrey his last kiss before surgery … all we could do is watch them take our little man away.   Needless to say it was not easy.  The next hours were difficult. 


                   Every time a person who looked official walked our way, a knot would form in my stomach.  Are they here to give us bad news?  What a terrible way to spend a day. 


                   However, at 1:30 pm Dr. Cory came to see us and tell us the surgery went wonderfully.  They were able to work quicker than expected and there were no “bumps” along the way.  He expressed his satisfaction in a surgery that went smoothly.  Dr. Matthews, his anesthesiologist, also talked to us about Geoffrey’s excellent surgery.   I don’t know why we should be surprised; we know who was with Geoffrey in that operating room.


                   Robert, grandma and I were finally able to see Geoffrey in the Post Operative ICU about 3:30.  Geoffrey’s first words to us were… “look mom”… my legs are fixed, I’m excited”.   I thank God for allowing me to be the mother of such a wonderful young man.


Geoffrey will have two casts that go from his thigh to the end of his toes.  He wiggled this toes for his mom and dad.  The nurses are going to let him decide on the color wraps he wants on his cast.  He is trying to decide between Duke Blue (this may not go well in South Carolina), Jeff Gordon Blue (I may loose him in his room if he gets this color), Red, or Glow in the Dark.  If you get a chance, let him know what you think he should choose.


                   Thanks to all for your prayers during his surgery… I know all the prayers are why everything went so well.  But, continue to remember him as he will remain in ICU until Wednesday or until his epidural is taken out.  He will remain in the hospital for at least for another week and continues to have a long road ahead of him.


          Again thank for you prayers and support.