Day four: 2/17



          Hello everyone….

                   The hospital gave me permission to leave the hospital today and have a free day before my surgery.   My mom, grandma, daddy and Paula all met for lunch.  It was so good.  I got to eat banana pudding (don’t tell grandpa and granddad- they will get jealous).  After lunch I went

          Shopping at Wal-mart and bought me two new movies to watch after surgery on my computer.


                   My dad took me out for a “before” surgery meal and I went to the Texas steak house.  They gave me ice-cream when they heard I was having surgery. 


                   Everybody is getting worried about tomorrow, but I told them I was excited.  After tomorrow my legs will be fixed.  I told my mom that you need straight legs to run fast …. And I want to run fast.


                   Mom is going to stay the night with me.  At bedtime I had to take a special bath with special soap.  The nurses gave me 4 pills to help me sleep and not get sick.  They said they will wake me up at 5:00 AM to get give me new pills and get me ready for surgery.


          Here I am waving to all my family and friends the night before my surgery.



          Thanks for checking on me.