Day nine: 2/22



          Hello everyone….


          Geoffrey got out of bed this morning and went to eat breakfast with me.   Thanks to Mrs. Vicki and gang for the great balloons in Geoffrey’s room.  Thanks to all for all the cards and e-mails Geoffrey and I have received.  They mean a lot and make this difficult time easier.




          Geoffrey stayed in his chair for about 1 hour.  Getting into the chair takes a lot of work and staying in the chair makes him very tired.  As soon as we put him back to bed, he went straight to sleep and slept for 4 hours.


          Geoffrey got up at lunch again. WHEW!!!!  Ms. Heide, Geoffrey’s physical therapist, came to visit.  This really lifted his spirits.         We are also expecting Uncle John and Becca to visit today.    He is still having trouble eating, but everyday he gets stronger.




          Dr. Cory and Dr. Danko came to see Geoffrey this morning.  If all things go well, he may go home on Monday.