Day seven: 2/20



          Hello everyone….


          Today Geoffrey was moved from ICU to a regular room.  Very busy day. 


          PBS came and interviewed Geoffrey’s doctor, parents and Geoffrey (does this make him a TV Star now?) about this new type of pain management system they are using on Geoffrey.  It seems to be working well.  Geoffrey is not without pain, but when compared to other kids who chose not take this medicine, there is a big difference.  The biggest pain comes from when he has muscle cramps.  The muscles that were so strong and cause his bones to turn have been cut or fixed and they cramp because they can’t pull Geoffrey’s legs like they use to do.  The problem is when they cramp near broken bones, tendons or cut muscles.


          As stated earlier, Geoffrey has been fighting a fever for the past few days.  When Geoffrey was moved to his room, his fever reached 103.   During late afternoon, Geoffrey’s fever was 103; he was vomiting and having trouble breathing.  The doctors started running a lot of test to find out what was causing the problem, we were all worried.   They put Geoffrey on oxygen, gave him breathing treatments, did blood work, and took chest x-rays. 


          After given him oxygen and breathing treatments, his fever began to fall.  The doctors have decided Geoffrey has something called “flat lungs”.  This is apparently common in children with cerebral palsy after surgery.  The tubes in the lungs flatten and do not allow proper oxygen in the lungs.  This can cause difficulty breathing and high fevers.


          As you can see, today was a busy day and I did not have a chance for an update.  Keep him in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated.


          Again thank for you prayers and support.