Day ten: 2/23



          Hello everyone….


                   Something really cool happened last night.  The power in the hospital went out (just for a few seconds) and guess what you could see in the dark????   That’s right; my cast glowed in the dark.  It was so cool.  Several nurses came in and turned off the lights so they could see my cast glow.


                   Geoffrey got up in his chair for breakfast and lunch today.  John and Baca came back to see him before heading back to NC.  I guess he got too tired because this afternoon was very painful.  Geoffrey complained about pain in his legs for several hours.  After trying several positions, pain medication, and ice packs, the nurses turned him on his stomach.  That seemed to ease the pain and he went to sleep.  He slept for several hours.


                   Geoffrey got a nice surprise this afternoon.  His granddaddy, Paula, Christopher and his little sister Conner came to see him tonight.

Granny was feeling sick and could not come.  Granny if you are reading this, I hope you are feeling better soon.  Also, thanks to Aunt Janie and Uncle John for the care package that arrived today.  Geoffrey chose the gift with the dog wrapping first.  I will let him open one gift per day until they are all opened. 


          Again thank for you prayers, gifts, cards and support