Day twelve: 2/25



          Hello everyone….


                   Good news today.  Dr. Cory came to see me this morning and told me I could go home.   Below is a picture of me and Dr. Cory on my last day.  I like Dr. Cory, he is nice to me.  He told me to come back in 6 weeks to get x-rays, have my long cast cut into short cast and get molded for braces.  I go back to Shriner’s on  April 8th.


                   The ride home was very hard.  The roads home went bump, bump, and I felt every bump.  It made my legs hurt badly.  My mom stopped at a pharmacy in South Carolina to get me more medicine. 


                   When I got home I had a good surprise.  My Uncle Tom gave me a Harley escort back home.  Also, my friends in church put signs and yellow ribbons all over my yard and house to welcome me home.   It made me very happy.  I have good friends. 



                   My grandma was happy to get home and my grandpa was glad to see her.  My Uncle Tom, Uncle Wade, Aunt Bambi, Cousins Cara, Reagan, and Becca came to see me.  My dog Emily and my cats Susie (long hair) and Milo (yellow) was glad to see me too.  I am glad to be home.